Mentoring Experiences

Throughout my PhD program, I have stepped into a larger mentoring role as a co-advisor for undergraduate and  graduate students on independent study projects. Below are the students I have mentored. More information on their projects can be found on my research page.

Yige Yang, M.S., 2014-2015, Analysis of impervious surface area changes for combined sewer system communities in United States

Jiayi Tang, M.S., 2014-2015, Sociopolitical analysis for combined sewer system communities in the United States

Diona Antoine, M.S., 2014-2015, Analysis of hydrologic variables that characterize combined sewer overflow communities in United States

Meredith Sullivan, B.S., 2013-2015, Rubric Development of the Rate and Accumulation Concept Inventory

Rachael Thomas, B.S., 2013, Critical Gaps in Understanding that Affect Learning of Engineering Principles

Janique Cheesman, B.S., 2011-2012, Identifying Science Misconceptions by Engineering Students