TA for “Sustainability of Civil and Environmental Systems”

Introduction to Sustainable Engineering: CIE 274 (3 credits)

Spring 2013

Syllabus (prepared by course faculty)


I served as a teaching assistant for this course one semester while at Syracuse University. The sophomore level course was co-taught by Dr. Charles Driscoll and my advisor, Dr. Cliff Davidson. In the spring semester of 2013, 95 students were enrolled in this course and there were three teaching assistants. The class meets twice a week for 80 minute lectures. The class meets twice a week for 80 minute lectures, and once a week for a 55 minute recitation taught by the teaching assistants. I met with the professors and other TAs on a weekly basis to discuss issues related to the class. My primary responsibilities included preparing material for recitation, holding office hours once a week, grading the students’ recitation quizzes, and keeping track of their overall grades and progress in the course.


Spring 2013: CIE 274

*Note that there were three TAs for this course, so the evaluations are summarized for all three TAs.