Workshop Experiences

Co-coordinator: Research Ethics, Culture and Community-based Research

In August 2014, I helped to coordinate a research ethics workshop, which was co-sponsored by Northeast Ethics Education Partnership and Syracuse University. This workshop was open to graduate students in environmental science and engineering, environmental studies and related fields. I organized administrative details of the workshop in addition to lectures related to engineering ethics case studies and professional practice strategies.

Supplemental Materials: Flyer advertisement and agenda (co-developed with Dianne Quigley)

Participant: How to Engineer Engineering Education

Mike Prince of Bucknell University traveled to Syracuse University in June 2014 to lead his workshop entitled “How to Engineering Engineering Education.” The three day workshop on pedagogical training on teaching in engineering was targeted to engineering faculty and interested graduate students. I found this workshop to be extremely beneficial to the development of my teaching skills, as I gained many new ideas on how to improve my active teaching methods in the classroom.

Participant: Making Academic Change Happen

In June 2014, I traveled to Indianapolis to attend the Making Academic Change Happen (MACH) workshop and the 2014 ASEE conference. The MACH workshop provides attendees with the skills and confidence to make a difference in academic settings. A brief summary of my experience can be found here.